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Dream Surf Series Sept #3

Medium: Acrylic on Stretched Canvas
Size: 24′ x 12′ (60.96cm x 30.48cm)
Original: Painted, Ready to Hang (Not Framed)

Artist: Steve Doyle



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| Painting of a deep green barrel in a yellow horizon | ~ Comes with Certificate of Authenticity ~
MEDIUM: Artist quality acrylic paint. Sealed for protection
SIZE: 24′ x 12′ (60.96cm x 30.48cm)
STRETCHED AND READY TO HANG: This artwork is currently stretched and ready to hang.

Artist, Steve Doyle presents various artwork created over the years ranging from client projects to his personal collections. and now for the first time his own creative thoughts. Steve has been working as a graphic designer, commercial artist for over 25 years.

Born in New Zealand in the 70’s, arriving on the Sunshine Coast in 1981 has grown up here enjoying the surfing culture and loves the ocean life. He has two sons, now grown men and lives in a magic region on the coast, Pacific Paradise.

He has a passion for everything revolving around water, the movement, the life within and ever changing refraction of light.
Art is of life and mystery, creating the unknown.